Grade 6 Math

Students Entering 6th Grade at ICS

Your child should be proficient in the following skills by the end of 5th Grade.  For your convenience, we listed some recommended websites to help your child practice these skills.
We encourage parents to monitor students’ use of the internet.

Add, Subtract and Multiply Fractions and Mixed Numbers:

Convert Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions and Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers

Place value

Multiplication of Decimals through the Hundredths Place

Long Division of Whole Numbers

All children should have multiplication and division facts through 12 committed to memory.
For enrichment at any grade level, students can practice with word problems. Please refer to the key words for guidance in solving word problems.

Syllabus for Glencoe Math Course 1

Please keep in mind that the syllabus is a plan and, as such, may need to be changed. If any changes do occur throughout the school year, it will be noted on power school.

6th Grade - Course 1

  • Review Operations with Whole Numbers and Order of Operations Chapter 2, Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
  • Chapter 3, “Compute Multi-Digit Numbers”
  • Chapter 1, “Ratios and Rates”
  • Chapter 4, “Multiply and Divide Fractions”
  • Chapter 5, “Integers and the Coordinate Plane”
  • Chapter 9, “Area”
  • Chapter 10, “Volume and Surface Area”
  • Chapter 11, “Statistical Measures”
  • Chapter 12, “Statistical Displays”
  • Chapter 6, “Expressions”
  • Chapter 7, “Equations”
  • Chapter 8, “Functions and Inequalities”