Grade 7 Math

Students Entering 7th Grade at ICS

By the end of 7th grade, your child should be proficient in the skills listed below.  For your convenience, we listed some recommended websites to help your child practice these skills.

We encourage parents to monitor students’ use of the internet.

•    All operations involving rational numbers (whole numbers, decimals, fractions and integers)

•    Order of operations and algebraic properties

•    Identify polygons to 10 sides

•    Identify prisms by their congruent and parallel bases

•    Identify angles and angular relationships

•    Identify triangles based on sides and angles

•    Application of formulas for perimeter, circumference, area, and volume

All children should have multiplication and division facts through 12 and divisibility rules for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 committed to memory.

For enrichment at any grade level, students can practice with word problems. Please refer to the key words for guidance in solving word problems.
Syllabus for Glencoe Math Course 2

Please keep in mind that the syllabus is a plan and, as such, may need to be changed. If any changes do occur throughout the school year, it will be noted on power school.

7th Grade - Course 2

  • Chapter 6, “Equations”
  • Chapter 7, “Geometric Figures”
  • Chapter 8, “Measure Figures”
  • Chapter 9, “Probability”
  • Chapter 4, “Rational Numbers”
  • Chapter 3, “Integers”
  • Chapter 5, “Expressions”
  • Chapter 1, “Ratios and Proportional Reasoning”
  • Chapter 6, “Inequalities”
  • Chapter 2, “Percents”
  • Chapter 10, “Statistics”