Power School – Primary Means of Communication - 
Please Visit Weekly for Comments

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Power School is my primary means of communication to parents. I encourage parents and students to visit power school at least once a week throughout the school year to confirm work completed or not completed and to review the results of quizzes, projects, and tests. You will need to double click onto anything that is blue in color as that is an indication to you that comments have been posted. You will find daily assignments listed with Lesson #, pages, and problems. I will not list daily assignments ahead of time because, depending on the students’ needs, it may be necessary for me to adjust the assignment. I will post short term and long term projects, which will have the date assigned as well as the due date. I will check homework daily and I will acknowledge its completion by assigning points:
  • 2 pts. – All work has been attempted with students showing problems and solutions
  • 1 pt. – Work is incomplete
  •  0 pts. – Work is missing/no attempt
  • If you do see a “c” for comment, it is important that you double click on the “c” in order to read my comment(s). I like to add comments to the students’ quizzes, chapter tests, and activities. Parents of students new to ICS will need to obtain a pin # in order to access power school.
Nightly Review: In addition to completing their daily assignments, I recommend that all students set some time aside, nightly, to complete a cumulative review. This will allow students to be more successful as they complete the cumulative assessments that I give on a regular basis.